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Trainer: Chris Record

8-Figure Online Seller

Host: Peter Sorensen

Co-Founder of LifePreneur
Hi, my name is Chris Record.  

I'm a father of 2 amazing boys, Rayden (age 5) and Reston (age 7).

When Reston was 2 years old he was diagnosed with severe autism. That forever changed my life.  I took nearly 2 full years off my business to work with him closely, providing as much as I could to help him.

I'm excited to say that he is now a high functioning autistic boy and I'm blessed every day for the decision to take that time off.

But after that emotional journey it was time to get back to work, and this time I had more motivation and was ready to 10X everything.

In the following few years I went on to sell over $20million in digital products and services online!  But don't think for even a minute that it was an easy journey for me!
Chris Record and his son Rayden
I started over 15 years ago by searching for ways to create extra income.  At the time I was living in a 200sf studio (with a roommate) and was drinking coffee by day and top ramen by night.

My roommate had his car repossessed for not making payments and we were catching 3 busses across town in order to make it to the library to use the computers to learn how to make money.

Believe me, this journey hasn't been easy.

Growing up on foodstamps, section 8 housing, and welfare was actually my inspiration.

I knew that if I wanted to create a better life for myself, I wasn't going to do it as an employee
So I began the long journey of researching online, buying courses, studying experts, and trying strategies over and over and over again until something would finally work.

But no matter how much I tried, I still struggled, and eventually ran out of money.

Why was this so hard???

Fast forward a few years later and I began realizing that many of the top people making money all had things in common.

It was like I had an epiphany and everything changed from that moment forward.

I started looking for clues and reverse engineering these gurus and eventually I found a few missing pieces in my own marketing that made all the world of difference.

I started seeing significant results in my own business.

Crossing the $10,000 mark, the $100,000 mark, and then eventually even the $1,000,000 mark!

Now, I don't want to make this seem too easy. 

Because it definitely wasn't!

But it was possible.

If a guy like me who was a highschool dropout growing up with a mom on welfare can do it, then what's your excuse?

As I started having more success I found my calling as a teacher.

I realized that I had the ability to break down very complex subjects into easy to understand videos and tutorials that could help people get results.

At first I started teaching for free. I would gather my friends in my living room and show them all what I was doing and then they started being able to replicate the success for themselves.

Then people started saying they would pay me to teach them, so I began developing courses.

My digital courses went on to train tens of thousands of students around the world, and it's been one of the most fulfilling and rewarding careers that I could ever dream of.

Now, in 2018, I'm proud to be aligned with a vision far more powerful than just making money.

The new company is called LIFEPRENEUR.

See, for years I was just an entrepreneur. Working hard. Hustling. Grinding. Making Money.

And that's cool if that's what you want to be.

But I realized we could all join forces and become far more powerful than that.

What if we could learn how to create more income and AUTOMATE that income so that we could create more TIME!

Time is actually far greater of a resource that money.

But most of us trade our time for money every single day and we keep running out of it.

You see, here I am 15 years later, realizing I'm still trading time for money.

Sure, I'm passionate about it and even if I wasn't getting paid I'd love to be a teacher.


I began implementing strategies to AUTOMATE MY INCOME and I started seeing amazing results.

And since I love teaching, I want to show you how to AUTOMATE YOUR INCOME as well!

For example.

You could create a digital product online (which I show people how to do)

You could set up a Facebook ad campaign that costs maybe $0.50 per click to a niche audience of people interested in that topic.

They land on a page to opt-in and register to watch a video (pre-recorded video).

Now that they have opted-in you can set things up to send them a daily email (pre-written).

And after watching the video they can choose to buy or not buy the digital product offered.

If they buy the product they are taken to a thank you page to access the digital product.

If they don't buy the product they continue to receive emails from that point forward.

The emails are designed to get them to consider buying the product. But after a while these emails can also introduce new products, affiliate offers, and anything you want.

Learn how to do the activities ONE TIME but continue to get paid on them for YEARS!

You see, 6 months from now a customer might opt-in to watch your video but they are going to see the same video and receive the same emails as everyone else.

So you do the work ONCE and then AUTOMATE the entire process.

Until now this was always more of an Intermediate to Advanced strategy.

Reserved only for the BIG Elite marketers who had tons of skills.

But now, there are so many great 3rd party tools available that anyone can do this.

In 2018 even beginner marketers should be using automated sales funnels to build their business.

And this is where LifePreneur comes in.

LifePreneur offers education to teach you how to create income and automate that income to help you generate more free time.

And with that time you are encouraged to volunteer to help great causes and even donate to as many as you can so that you truly make a difference in the world.
We are in the process of building one of the strongest communities of #LifePreneurs online to get as many people positioned as possible to make a difference in the world.

We truly believe that if you were empowered with more time and money that you would be glad to support amazing causes with your time and wealth and help make a dent in the universe.

But I know that not all of you can afford to buy the full line of LifePreneur products.

Which is why we created today's special offer for you.

Are you willing to invest $1.00 today into a powerful 2-hour masterclass with me?

In this 2-hour online masterclass I'll teach you all about these Automated Sales Funnels.

What they are. How they work. How to set them up. How to automate them. How to drive traffic to them. And much more.

Sure, you won't learn everything in 2-hours, but keep in mind I'm only charging $1.00.

Soon, after several of you give testimonials I think we can charge $100 for this masterclass.


$100 would easily be worth it, especially when so many customers share testimonials.

But today you can get it for only $1.00.


I'm also throwing in one of my top-selling courses of 2015/2016 as a FREE BONUS!

When you join today you get instant access to my 3 Zero Club Training Videos.

This course sold for $997 and sold over 1,000 copies generating over $1,000,000 in sales.

And had one of the lowest refund rates of almost any course I've launched.

Today, when you buy right now, you can have instant access to my masterclass AND this course!

Plus, at the end of the masterclass I'll also share more about how you can become a LifePreneur.

Heck, we can even pay you $1,000 per referral that you send to LifePreneur as a way to help you build up some immediate income while you are learning how to automate sales funnels!

I'll explain all of that and more on the online masterclass.

So what should you do right now?


And get access to the free bonus that I'll outline below.

And I look forward to seeing you on the next masterclass!

Chris Record
8-Figure Online Marketer

P.S. - I've got something special I'm going to share for the first time on this masterclass.

I can't wait to roll it out for you!!!
3 Zero Club Logo
I'm giving away one of my top selling courses, The 3-Zero Club, as a FREE BONUS when you join my automated sales funnels masterclass today for only $1.00!  You will get instant access right now!
The 3 Zero Club is when you learn how to get facebook video views for as little as $0.0005 each.  Meaning 3 zeros after the decimal point.  This strategy is a must-have for all internet marketers!
This course sold over 1,000 copies at $997 in 2015 & 2016 - Now you can have it as a free bonus!
Learn how to get Facebook video views for as little as $0.0005 each!
This is one of the best strategies that you can learn if you want to make money online in 2018 - cheap video views.
Find out why videos go viral on Facebook and how yours can too!
Some videos fall flat while others go viral and get millions of views.  Find out exactly why during this masterclass.
Learn how business will pay you to help their videos get more views!
Average businesses pay $0.05 to $0.10 per view on facebook.  Imagine how much you can help them with this strategy.
Yana Blinova Testimonial
3 Zero Club Testimonial
Yana ran a video campaign to the wedding niche (which is a highly profitable niche) and was able to generate paid video views for only $0.00002 per view!  

That's not just the 3 zero club, but it actually the 4 zero club.  Congrats!
3 Zero Club Testimonial
Dylan went through the training and followed the system and crushed out over 840,000 video views, some of which he got for as little as $0.00004 per view!

Another example of what's possible, not just in the 3 zero club, but by following the simple step by step process which landed him in the 4 zero club!

What's great is that you aren't just getting views, you are getting REAL VIEWS and REAL ENGAGEMENT from people that are in the target niche that you select.

For example, you can laser target people in a specific niche, such as Wrestling, and only target people that are interested in wrestling to watch your videos.

And when they share the video, those extra views are 100% FREE!
Dylan Maxwell 3 Zero Club Results
Dylan Maxwell 3 Zero Club Results
Dylan Maxwell 3 Zero Club Results
Chris Moore 3 Zero Club Testimonial
3 Zero Club Testimonial
Chris Moore was able to get over 52,000+ views, 451+ likes, and 131+ shares on a new viral video in less than 24 hours!

Prior to this he was an absolutely newbie when it came to video marketing and running facebook video ads.

And if you look at the screenshot you will see that he only spent $13.48 to get these results, which is why this strategy is so good, it can be done even if you don't have much money and are on a tight budget!
Prevention Magazine Viral Video
Prevention Magazine shared a powerful story of a 77 year old female bodybuilder.

This video started going viral, and check out the clicks reported on their bitly (right)
Prevention Magazine Bitly Clicks
Prevention Magazine got 95,196 clicks on their bitlink from the video going viral, showing the massive possibilities.

Imagine learning how to create a video, run ads to it to get it going, and then benefit from thousands of organic clicks!
We would love to increase the cost of this masterclass to at least $100 right away so that affiliates can promote it and earn $50 per referral that they send.  This is the perfect win-win scenario.

But TODAY you can access the full masterclass with Chris Record AND The bonus 3 Zero Club marketing course all for just $1.00!

Take Massive Action right now before the price goes up.  Today, it's just a dollar!
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