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The Mission and Message Behind LifePreneur™.
From the desk of Chris Record, Co-Founder of LifePreneur.

20 years ago, almost to the day, I started my first charity.

It was called "Live 2 Give".

I wasn't even 21 years old yet, but I had a vision to create a movement where millions of people around the world united to create true change and help people by Paying It Forward.

But unfortunately, like many great ideas, this one fell flat and never got the full chance to shine.

Yet it gave me a taste of something amazing.  You see, before it vanished from the planet, we had shirts printed and about 5 of us volunteered at a local non profit that fed senior citizens.

The biggest achievement and highlight of my first charity was that ONE moment.

5 young kids, dressed in custom t-shirts, on an assembly line filling bags to feed seniors.

Then something crazy happened.

20 years flew by in the blink of an eye...
"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right" - Henry Ford
As I sit here writing this I don't look back with regrets.  And I suggest that you don't either.

Our lives are simply journeys, where we have constant course corrections as we begin to find our way, our passion, our purpose, and a clear picture of what we were supposed to do.

And yet I ask myself, "Chris, how did you let 20 years flash by before you figured it out?"

Maybe you can relate to this?

I always heard my elders telling me that "Life is Short" and to make the most of it, but I never really could grasp that because it's not something you can easily measure.

There are 86,400 seconds that we get to use every single day of our lives.

Well, over the last 20 years I've used some of those seconds wisely, and some not so wise.

But the biggest revelation I had was that I always "pushed off" my dream of creating a movement to help make a big impact in this world until I was "ready".

And I didn't even have a definition of what being ready looked like.

On the surface I felt like I should focus on MONEY!

That's it!  Those famous 5 letters, strung together in a word that dominates most of our life.

So I began the journey of an ENTREPRENEUR chasing down MONEY with passion & obsession.

And I learned a lot through that journey!

In fact, I've generated over $30,000,000+ in sales over that journey, which I should be proud of.

But there was always something bothering me on my entrepreneurial journey.

Something that kept leaving me "unfulfilled".

It took me 20 years of working 60-80 hours per week as an entrepreneur to figure this out.

And I want to share it with you today.
"Success is a journey, not a destination" - Arthur Ashe
True success isn't measured by how much money you make or what you acquire.

The problem with that method of thinking is that there is always "more".

And what MOST entrepreneurs end up doing is trading more time for more money, on a never ending hamster wheel of success.

Yes money is critical to your success.  It's one of the most important resources that we have.

But too many entrepreneurs ONLY focus on money, and that's what causes us to burn out.

The key is to find an optimal BALANCE in the following 4 areas of your life.


I want you to take a minute and think of some people you know that stand out in one of these categories, that are just absolutely crushing it.

HEALTH - Think of a close friend or family member you know that is in great physical condition.

Now, how are they doing in the other areas of their life?

Have you ever met someone who is crushing it in the gym, but meanwhile they are constantly complaining about bills, and their job, and not having enough money?

WEALTH - Think of a close friend or family member that makes a ton of money in their life.

Now, how much time are they trading for that money?

Are they caught in the vicious cycle of constantly trading time for money where if something happened to them that they could potentially lose it all?

WISDOM - Think of your close friends and family members that have amazing mindsets.

You know, the ones that are always optimistic, always positive, always seem to figure out a solution to problems that come up, and always find the good in every situation.

But yet how is their health?  Are they in peak physical condition?  Are they eating right?

How is their relationship?  Are they with a spouse that's on the same page as them?

How is their bank account?  Are they overflowing with abundance and paying it forward daily?

RELATIONSHIPS - Think of people in your life that are great communicators in relationships.

Whether they are married, dating, or have a great group of social friends.

These people have cracked the code and figured out the communication game and it often leads to great friendships, great romance, and a higher level of connection than most experience.

But how balanced are they in the other categories of their life?

Are you starting to see the picture?

And just like that, the vision for LifePreneur was born...
What if there was a community that you could join that focused heavily on these 4 core pillars?

What if you could get the guidance and mentorship required to help you Level Up your Life?

And just like that, the vision for LifePreneur was born...

We wanted to create something bigger than just another company.

We wanted to create a movement.

Something so powerful that we can't wait to wake up every single morning and pursue the vision passionately regardless if we were ever getting paid or not.

A project with purpose that can make an impact in this world.

LifePreneur is aiming to redefine the word "Entrepreneur".

We live in an era where everyone is “hustling” and “grinding” just to make ends meet. 

We believe we can disrupt this by teaching a balanced approach to making money by doing what you love and having time freedom to travel.

And we challenge our #LifePreneurs to find something they are so passionate about, that they can’t wait to wake up every morning with excitement to build the life of their dreams with the help of our amazing LifePreneur community.

Every month we find great causes for our community to get involved in, whether it’s a small donation, sharing a campaign online, or volunteering their time to help make a real impact.

We have identified 3 core ways that we can help educate and empower our #LifePreneurs.
MasterClasses, MasterMinds, & MasterRetreats
MasterClasses - Our members can choose a category they want to learn more about (health, wealth, wisdom, & relationships), and then choose a masterclass to attend for free.

Yes, they can attend for free.

We believe the key to empowering the world is to offer high quality 101-level training for free.

This gives our #LifePreneurs the chance to learn something new every single day, and participate even when they don't have much money.

We all started somewhere.

Then, as they desire to advance we offer affordable 201-level training for as little as $100 so that they can begin to dive deep and learn topics that aren't being taught in school (but should be).

LifePreneur has a vision of one-day offering hundreds of MasterClasses in each of the 4 core pillars so that members can access knowledge and level up their wisdom on a daily basis.

MasterMinds - For our members that want a more personal in-depth experience, we organize small group masterminds to go in-depth on a subject for 301-level training.

These masterminds are more than just teaching, as they include interactive exercises with each of the members that attend live, and offer a hands-on approach to helping everyone achieve more.

For those that have difficulty traveling or can't afford to attend our masterminds in person, we offer a very affordable option for them to watch them from home virtually.

MasterRetreats - This is the ultimate experience for our #LifePreneurs.  We gather every year in a new location somewhere in the world for 4-5 days for a series of lessons, breakthroughs, and dream building exercises that give us a trip we will remember for a lifetime.

Our goal with our MasterRetreats is to combine the power of a vacation getaway and a breakthrough experience into one amazing event.

We do this through the combination of 4 key elements that make up every retreat.

ACTIVITIES might include ropes courses, off-road ATV rides, mountain-top hikes, jet ski challenges, jungle tours, and more! 

TEACHING might include learning from Mentors that have earned over $10MM sharing high level wealth strategies, etc.
Activities, Teaching, Breakthroughs, & Missions
ACTIVITIES might include ropes courses, off-road ATV rides, mountain-top hikes, jet ski challenges, jungle tours, and more! 

TEACHING might include learning from Mentors that have earned over $10MM sharing high level wealth strategies, etc.
BREAKTHROUGHS might include overcoming fears in real life, trust building exercises, public speaking opportunities, rewiring past beliefs, and so much more! 

MISSIONS might include volunteering to help local residents in need as a group!

This gives our #LifePreneurs a chance to EXPERIENCE life rather than just dream about it.

And this sets the foundation of a life that is possible, where you can create your own reality, and learn to live so abundantly that you can travel the world on your terms as you desire.

Our LifePreneur MasterRetreats are designed to help you level up your lifestyle.

These 3 products (MasterClasses, MasterMinds, & MasterRetreats) make up our product line.

Each product focused on the 4 core pillars (Health, Wealth, Wisdom, & Relationships).

And this is our strategy to help our #LifePreneurs find more balance in their entrepreneurial journey.
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